Most Beautiful Hair in the World.

There are different types of hairs. Some look drab, while some are so beautiful, it’s a wonder they even exist. There are a number of beautiful haired people and animals around the world, and it’s quite difficult to decide which has the most beautiful hair.

Let’s have a look at these beautiful creatures.


Animals with Most Beautiful Hair.

Peruvian Guinea Pigs: Peruvian guinea pigs are a breed of long-haired guinea pigs. Their hair can grow to about twelve to fourteen inches. Peruvian guinea pigs have the longest hair among other breeds. It’s so long, that it can grow to floor length. The hair of Peruvian guinea pigs is silky and looks like a soft beautiful blanket draped on the guinea pig. They also have hair on top of their head which grows at the same rate as the hair on their body. If left untrimmed, these hairs will grow unchecked, making them look like a ball of beautiful hair.

Alpacas: Alpacas are camelids that look like llamas. Their hairs are soft and can come in different designs, and colors. Alpacas are sometimes regarded as animals with the coolest hairs, mostly because these hairs can be cut to give them new looks.

Afghan Hounds: Afghan hounds have beautiful, thick, silky coats with tails curled to form a ring. These coats come in different colors and require lots of grooming to keep them in good shape.

Norwegian Forest Cats: These cats have fabulous coats. Their hairs are long, glossy, and thick to help them survive in heavy winter. Their coats also come in different colors and are water-repellent. If you don’t look too closely, it seems like their hair flows behind them, like a cute girl with beautiful hair.

Lhasa Apsos: Lhasa apso is a breed of dogs with long flowing coats. Their coats are long and thick like Afghan hounds. Because of their long coats, they require constant grooming, to keep them from matting easily.

Gypsy Vanner Horses: These horses have long beautiful manes and tail hairs that can grow to floor length. They also have long hairs on their legs, known as feathering. Their hairs can come in different colors or a mixture of colors.

Friesian Horses: Friesian horses have long, thick manes and tails. Their hairs are wavy, and look like they’re braided. In fact, Friesian horsehair is used in making many beautiful braids. With their beautiful wavy hair and black coat, Friesian horses look graceful.

Yorkshire Terriers: Yorkshire Terriers have beautiful luxurious coats. Their hairs can grow to floor-length and is quite identical to the human hair. Yorkshire terrier coats are smooth and silken. Like other animals with very long hair, Yorkshire terrier coats need to be groomed, to keep them in lovely shape.

Komondors: Komondors, popularly found in Hungary, are large livestock guardian dogs with white hair. They are sometimes referred to as mop dogs, because of the moppy nature of their long hairs. Their wavy hairs look like dreadlocks and can reach floor length.

Cotton-top Tamarins: Cotton-top tamarins are new world monkeys (five families of primates found in the tropical regions of Mexico, South America, and Central America). Its distinguishing characteristic is the hair extends from the top of its head to its shoulders. This hair is white, soft, and encircles the tamarin’s head — almost like a human with thick a thick beard. This white hair doesn’t grow very long, but it still retains its beauty.

Samoyeds: Samoyeds are herding dogs found mostly in Northwest Russia. They have thick, beautiful white coats. Like beautiful fur coats, Samoyed coats are fluffy and woolen. They shed their coats periodically, and this beautiful coat is used by weavers to make beautiful clothes.

Valais Blacknose Sheep: These sheep are covered in thick wool, and are usually found in the mountains of Switzerland. The whole body of the Blacknose sheep is literally covered in hairs, save its face. This thick beautiful coat is also used in making clothes.


Human Beings with Beautiful Hair.

When referring to beautiful hair, curly, wavy, straight, long, and other varieties make the list. But there are hairs that are just exceptionally beautiful and are native to certain countries. Let’s look at these hairs.

Latvian hair: Latvia is home to one of the most beautiful hairs in the world. Their hairs are soft and straight and can grow to very long lengths. Most Latvian hair is usually dark blonde, but they can also come in different colors. With the majority of Latvians having blue eyes, they look extremely beautiful with their gorgeous hair.

Swedish hair: Sweden is popularly known as the country of beauty, and their hairs play no small part. They have thick, blonde, silky hair, that can also grow too long lengths. Swedish women are known for their great hair quality.

Japanese hair: Japanese hair is sometimes considered as the most beautiful hair in the world. Japanese women have thick, straight, great quality black hair. This great quality hair is accentuated by hair oils. Not surprisingly, Japanese hair straightening services are in high demand around the world.

Indian hair: Indians have unique hair, so unique that some of their hair qualities can’t be found in any other part of the world. It is very thick, one of the thickest in the world. This could be attributed to the special care these hairs receive. Indian hair is considered the most flexible hair in the world. These hairs stay long, even through old age.

Chinese hair: Chinese have silky, straight, black hair. They usually keep their hair short, but this doesn’t reduce their beauty. In fact, short Chinese hair has a lot of dazzling hairstyles.

French hair: France is home to very gorgeous hair. What’s more, French men also have beautiful hair. Their hairs are usually blonde, but slightly darker. Their hairs can grow to long lengths but are usually kept at medium lengths — not too long or short.

Russian hair: Russians have thick, silken, golden blonde hair. It is quite soft (it is considered by most people as the softest hair in the world).