5 Fantastic Tips On How To Remove Dog Hair From Clothes without stress!! Number 5 Will Blow Your Mind!!

One very important question that dog lovers ask is “how to remove dog hair from clothes” If you got the chance to give a tedx talk on your relationship with your dog, I’m sure you will lecture everyone on how your furry friend is a joy to be around.

You love playing together with your dog, stroking its fur and exchanging hugs and kisses. That is great and all, but one thing you probably do not look forward to is finding dog hair on your clothes in the closet or on your suit when you are just about to leave for a business meeting.

Cute as your dog might be, you definitely will not find their DNA samples on your outfit very cute.

Lucky for you, this is a problem that can be solved easily if you just know what to do. In fact, there are lots of things you can do to tackle the issue of getting dog hair away from your clothes. From prevention tips to how to get it off if you do find some, this article will provide you with the right information.

The tools you might need are common and you can easily purchase them, assuming you don’t already have it somewhere in your house. First, I will start with how you can prevent dog hair from getting on your clothes in the first place and proceed from there, so make sure you read through.

Prevention Tips

Grooming your Dog

Groomingy dog regularly will go a long way to reduce the amount of shed hair they’ll drop around the house and on your clothes. What does it mean to groom your dog? Simple, it means to bathe and brush your dog’s fur as often as you can.

Bathe your dog with good shampoo and conditioner, they will not only help wash away loose, dead hair but also keep the dog’s skin moisturized to prevent it from drying off. Doing this you limit its hair shedding.

Get a Dog Breed with Short Hair

If you are still in the stage where you are trying to decide what breed of dog to get and you are looking out for all the things you have to dealt with, you may want to consider getting a dog with a shorter hair, that way the dog does not shed too much hair.

Great, right? But, if you already have a very heavy shedder on your hands, then this tip was not meant for you, I’m sorry! Poodles, Maltese, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Greyhound and Chinese Crested are examples of dog breeds that do not shed a lot. Get yourself one of these to limit your hair problems.

Vacuum Regularly

Of course vacuuming is important in keeping your home tidy; it also helps with cleaning up stray pet hair around the house so they don’t fly into your closet and take refuge on your clothing. To get maximum result, there are vacuums specially designed for pet hair.

Pet hair vacuum is perfect for persons who have a rug and a carpet; it does an excellent job of removing pet hair entangled within it.

Shut your Closet Doors

Since you are trying to protect your clothes from unwanted hair, I advise you keep your closet door tightly shut when you are not trying to get out the perfect outfit. Even if your dog does not find its way in to play around (and they might), hair could be transported via the air right into your closet, so keep that door shut.

Provide your Dog with Good Diet

Just like a healthy diet is beneficial to you, your furry buddy also needs to eat right. A healthy diet equals healthy hair and skin, so your dog’s diet affects their shedding. Giving them food rich in nutrients like 6 fatty acids (2) and omega 3 (1) will help prevent your dog’s skin from drying out and also prevent brittle hair.

Wash your Dog’s Bedding

Creating a special bed for your dog is quite nice, but don’t forget to wash the bedding. You might not have to wash it as often as you do yours, but keep it on your radar. Most beddings can be washed with a washing machine, before you toss it in a washing machine ensure you brush off excess hair on the bedding.

Train your Dog to Know When not to Jump on you

You love to be hugged by your furry friend, but it might not be as much fun when you are trying to slide on some make up or put your shoes in order for work. Teach them to know when you do not want to have their fur all over your outfit. That might just mean teaching them to obey when you say “no” or “stop”.

5 Great Tips To Help Remove Dog Hair From Your Clothes

Use A Lint Roller

Using a lint roller is probably the most common method to rid a surface or clothing from dog hair, but that doesn’t reduce its viability. Roll a lint roller on the outfit you are trying to clean in a single direction.

That should get the hair to be pulled away from your clothes. A good product does better than an average product; the same rule applies to lint rollers. Bear in mind that you might have to spend a bit more to get a quality product, but it will be worth

Duck Tape

A duct tape can be a substitute for a lint roller. To use, roll the duct tape around your hand ensuring you are exposing the sticky side. Tap gently on your clothes to pick up the dog hair. Packing tape also works for this method.

Wet Hands Or Rubber Gloves

This is a common technique when it comes to hair removal trick. While it might not be the best way to get dog hair off a carpet or rug, it does great for removing hair from clothes. All you need to do is get your bare hands wet or put on rubber gloves and get them wet.

Drain off the water a bit and brush your clothes in a downward motion. This should cause the hair strands to roll into a small disposable ball.

Add Some Vinegar To Your Washing Mixture

Doing laundry is already part of your routine, so here is a little something you can do alongside that will help get your pet’s fur off your clothes. Add in half a cup of vinegar into the washing mixture next time you are doing laundry.

Vinegar helps destroy the attraction between fabric and hair strands, making them not to stick to it. A little vinegar in your washing mixture will do you some good


Sounds funny? Well, this is an option that can also work. Basically, you will be taking advantage of the static electricity around a tight balloon’s surface. You might have some left over from your kid’s birthday party. Blow air into a balloon and secure at the tip with a clamp or just tie it.

Roll balloon over your cloth and any hair strand on your outfit will stick to the balloon. Dispose the hair on the balloon.


You do not need to worry about dog hair on your clothes anymore. Taking care of that just demands a little effort from you and that includes implementing a few tips from this article.

Some of them should not even be an option. Grooming your dog, washing their bedding and vacuuming your house for instance are hygienic tips you should obey if you don’t already.


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